Sample Co-worker Recommendation Letter


[Company name]

Dear [First name],

I was asked last week if I would recommend [Name] for the position of site engineer, which is now vacant.

I am writing you to let you know there is no better person in my opinion who is more well-suited.

Her knowledge and experience are beyond dispute.

I do not envy [Name]. As a site engineer, she will be required to advise, supervise and organize virtually on an hourly basis.

Will she be up to it?

In my opinion, she is a much better fit than any of the other contenders, her gender notwithstanding.

As her senior, I have been intimately aware of what she is capable of for quite some time. The site engineer position in my opinion will merely serve as a stepping stone for [Name]. I am certain she will outgrow the site engineer position within a couple of years.

Her career is as much a testament to her ambition, hard work, determination and contributions as it is to the culture of our firm.

I would not be immodest in admitting I have had a part to play in [Name]'s career with the firm.

I wish her the very best and would like her to know my door will always be open to her and I will consider it a matter of pride to work shoulder to shoulder with her again.