Sample Reference Letters

The reference letter attests to the character and/or competency of an individual.

If an individual is applying or even volunteering for a job, acting as a proxy for someone, required to furnish credentials . . . the reference letter lets others know the individual in question is someone reliable, trustworthy and worth their time.

The reference letter is written by someone familiar with the individual. It can be a senior executive, family friend, the head of a church or synagogue, close friend with impressive credentials, sorority/fraternity member, fellow professional, professor, community/business leader, lawyer, famous person, PhD mentor, and the like.

The reference letter is assumed to provide an unbiased opinion of the character and/or competency of an individual. The person writing the letter has to prove his credibility just as much as the person who forms the subject of the letter. The more impressive the referee's designation, qualifications, social/professional background, standing in society . . . the more weight the reference letter carries.

The reference letter more often than not welcomes inquiries directed at the referee by those whom the subject concerns.

The reference letter is usually written on the referee's personal/business letterhead.


To whom it may concern

[Name] was associated with the St. Joseph's Cathedral as an office manager and administrator from 1991 through 2005 and I have personally known him for more than 30 years.

As the office manager and administrator, he was single-handedly responsible for the finances, expenses, disbursal of funds, investments, banking, purchases, salaries, coordinating with the Archbishop's House and all other parishes in the Archdiocese, taking care of stay and travel plans of priests and others visiting the parish on official church business, correspondence, maintaining the church records, and several other major and minor chores.

[Name] is also one of the most active members of the parish and has conceived, organized and managed several youth camps, outreach programs, parish and Archdiocesan events involving the clergy and/or laypeople, plays, family days, Christmas celebrations . . . .

[Name] has also been involved with the Marriage Encounter movement since 1985.

He has also written a number of books and papers dealing with a wide range of subjects, including theology, youth, Christianity, comparative religion, counseling, child abuse and the role of laypeople in the Catholic Church.

From 2005 till date, he has been the administrator of a home for street children here in [Place name].

[Name]'s integrity and character are above suspicion and I have no reservations to recommend him to any individual or organization.

I wish him the best in all his future endeavors.


Parish Priest
[Contact Details]