Referral Letter Samples

Sample Referral Letters

The referral letter is a recommendation letter written in support of a person, thing, event, organization, method, and the like.

It is usually written by someone familiar with the subject of the letter. By documenting their support for the subject of the referral letter, the writer helps create a favorable impression in the mind of the reader.

The referral letter may be written to help an individual find employment . . . recommend a product/service to family, friends and acquaintances . . . support the introduction of a teaching or manufacturing method . . . encourage an employer's participation in a particular event . . . .

The referral letter attempts to sell the subject of the letter by using the testimonial of an entity (person or organization) whose motives for recommending the subject appear neither personal nor suspect.

Although the writer may gain nothing tangible in return, they do stand to gain the goodwill of the subject.

When recommending a subject, you put your own reputation on the line. The referral letter therefore needs to refrain from going over the top. It must recommend the subject but do so objectively and honestly.


To whom it may concern

I highly recommend the services of Whatchamacallit movers and packers to anyone that values their possessions as much as they do their time.

I and my business have used them on several occasions and find them to be courteous, competent, helpful, prompt, customer friendly and affordable.

Whatchamacallit movers and packers appoints an entire team of packers, handlers, movers and drivers to each project. They are the only moving and packing business of my acquaintance that does this.

They not only guarantee their work, they also stand by it. For instance, my antique furniture business relocated to a new location in downtown Joliet about four years ago. A few days after Whatchamacallit completed the relocation, we noticed one of the chairs had suffered some damage.

Whatchamacallit not only agreed to pay for the not inexpensive repair without a fuss, they also invoiced us 2.5% less to make up for the inconvenience.

Whatchamacallit employees are apparently highly trained and treated respectfully. Not even a single item has been unaccounted for on even a single occasion.

We wish Whatchamacallit and their employees all success.



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